Monday, October 29, 2012

Shaun the Builder

First off, to my friends in the path of the storm:  beer is just as important as water and flashlights and batteries.  Also, stock up on Starbucks instant Via...because when you are the only person who can make a decent cup of coffee, you'll be the most popular kid on the block.

Stay safe.  Hurricanes suck.

So this weekend I moved.  I've been working at and loving the new job for about three weeks now, but I've been living in a house with no furniture and no bed.  This weekend, Matt and I moved all the furniture in, and the new, beautiful king-sized mattress was delivered.  This bed is so soft and comfy.  It was like sleeping on the backs of a hundred fluffy bunnies.

Anyway, after moving, we went to Ikea.  I'm not a fan of furniture.  I believe some things are worth spending a lot of money on (like a mattress) while others should just be functional and not cost a lot (like a bed frame).  Since we already had a moving truck, after unloading all our crap, we drove to Ikea (which is now 15 minutes away!) and got a bed frame with attached nightstand thingies.

Because I wanted to sleep on my new bed, at 8pm, after moving all day and braving Ikea, I began building the frame.  It was an exercise in frustration.  Ikea directions may as well be written in Swedish for all the good they do.  But bit by bit the bed came together.  Almost two hours later, Matt and I move the mattress into place, put sheets on the bed and then lay across it.

Stretching out on that bed was one of the most wonderful things in the world.  And it was made sweeter by the fact that I'd built the frame myself.  I was exhausted and frustrated and sore, but it was all worth it in the end.

Sometimes, that's how writing is.  Frustrating, exhausting, and getting to the end seems like masochistic torture.  But when you sit in front of that completed manuscript, you know that it was all worth it and that you'd do it again.

At least...I know I would.


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