Friday, October 26, 2007

Pina Coladas

I hate getting caught in the rain, but I love waking up to it and I love writing to it. I love the sound of it outside my window while I write. Which is exactly why I took the day off from work today. I needed a mental holiday anyway, so waking up this morning to the gray rainines was all the incentive that I needed to develop the flu...cough...cough. I made a nice trip to the book store and finished off chapter 8. It was a little difficult, but it's done for now. I think that I'll rework it later and even possibly split it into two chapters. I think the problem was that I'd envisioned it as one, but there's just too much to cram into one, so I might divide it up.

Either way, with my comfy shorts on and the beautiful sound of rain outside, I'm working my way through chapter 9, which is turning out to be far easier to birth than 8 was....whether I'll hit any complications later on, I can't say, but all I know now is that this is the weather for writing, so I'm taking total advantage of it and so should you!

Word of the day: Chastise

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