Friday, October 12, 2007

Voice and Point of View

I've always had a definite voice; I've always known what I wanted to say and have never been shy about saying it. However there comes a point when the point overshadows the story. It's always a concern when I write. A favorite author of mind, Dennis McKiernan, usually crafts his stories around a philosophical idea or question. As the story progresses, he works out this idea, sliding what he thinks into it and bringing up the other side of the arguement. By the end, the story has really made you think about the philosophy McKiernan wanted you to think about, but he never ever forgets that it's a story first. The story is always the most compelling part, and to me, that's true genius.

My writing style changes base on the story, as it should. The story I'm working on now uses an organic flowy feeling. The characters speak sparely and the exposition flows about. I'm only 20 pages or so in, and that's ok because as the journey begins in earnest, the action will pick up, but the writing is really observational and I'm wondering if it might not work better as a first person piece. First person really allows for some personal exposition and really unique stuff, but it's limiting because I can only write what my character sees and not what I see. POV is always a tough choice to make. My advice (which I hope to follow) is to make the decision that's right for the story, not the decision that's easy.

Word of the day: Dry-gulched

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