Monday, February 25, 2008

A Return to Typing

Saturday night and Sunday morning I wrote chapter 10.  It was short but very intense.  It had a lot of darkness and death to it, but Fate injected some much needed humor into the pages.  I sat down later to get working on Chapter 11, but my hand was so sore and cramped that I was thinking more about that then about what I was writing and gave it up as a lost cause.  Using the new Fat Boy has helped out a lot but I've been writing full tilt with a pen for three weeks now.  When I was typing I was averaging about two chapters a week and I'm managing to keep pace with that, so I thought giving my poor hand the afternoon off was a good idea. 

So as not to miss out on valuable work time, I started typing up my handwritten pages (someone to do that for me would be swell) and then started editing the first chapters.  Unlike last time, I think I want to start editing before I finish so I can clean up any weird continuity issues before they get out of control.  

I'm also tossing around the idea of combining and condensing the first four chapters to get the action of the story happening much faster.  I came to this conclusion as I was typing chapter 5 and I realized that it was the first chapter where really exciting stuff starts happening.  

Word of the day:  Roon

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