Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wrestle the Bear

Some days writing is like wrestling the bear.  Today it was like pulling back a curtain and watching a movie.  

This morning I did my coffee and writing thing at Starbucks and wrote some genuinely funny moments between my three main characters.  Everyone shared something pretty embarrassing about each other (ok, well Harley really revealed some stuff about her brother who retaliated by revealing stuff about her.)  All in all it was a really light-hearted way to close out chapter 9, which had more stuff happen than I thought would happen.

Then this afternoon I hit up another sbux and what I had intended to just be a quick bit of writing turned into 2 hours.  I only got two pages done, but they went in such a dark direction that care and consideration was needed.  I wish I could tell Jak and co. that this was the worst they'd see but unfortunately this is just the beginning of the darkness. 

What comes next is the real test.  Ten is a short chapter (or at least I've intended for it to be) so I'd really like to finish it this weekend.  But what will be will be.  

I'm at a point where I'm alternately thrilled by every word that comes out of my pen, and ready to throw the whole book in the toilet.  I've got so much written, but I'm barely half way (I think...maybe I'm only a quarter of the way) so it all seems daunting.  Writing a book really is like running a marathon.  When you start you're all jaunty and perky and you keep thinking about pacing yourself and hitting a good stride.  Your legs feel fresh and the end doesn't seem so far away.  Then you hit that mid-point, and even though you're so much closer to the end than when you started, you feel ten times further away.  Your resolve starts to crumble and ever twinge in your muscles makes you think about wanting to quit.  Eventually your second wind kicks in and the end doesn't seem so far.  It takes everything you have, but you make it.  Most of the time.  

Word of the day:  Persevere  

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