Monday, March 3, 2008

Pillows and Dogs

Ugh.  That's all I have to say about that.  I'm house/dog sitting and they pillows sucked and the dog is a pain in the ass so I haven't slept in 3 days.  That led to little word being done.

If anyone cares, my Cross is dandy.  Handy tip:  When cleaning, make certain you give the nib proper time to dry.  

I finished a little short story titled:  Falling is Like This.  The premise is:  what if Cupid was a demon?  
I tried it a couple of different ways before I got it right, but considering I've never written "horror" before, I'm pretty darn pleased with it.  Pleased enough that I'm considering sending it out to see if anyone else might be pleased with it.  I ran it by my favorite reader and I'm waiting to hear what she thinks.  I learned a terribly valuable lesson:  point of view can take a story in a way different direction.  I tried it in First Person and it went one way, but when I stepped back and did a limited third person, the arrow hit the bulls eye so to speak.  It's pretty gritty and all, but I was following a rule in Stephen King's "On Writing" to write the truth.  So I held nothing back.

I didn't get a lot done with Jak.  I finished off Chapter 11 and the kids did some cool stuff and met some new people who think that they're there to save them.  Chapter 12 is going to be a very dark chapter for the kids as someone is going to die and it's going to hit home for them that their adventure isn't a game.

Aside from that, I hope, since I got better sleep last night by retrieving my own pillows and kicking the dog off the bed,   to make some serious moves on Chapter 12.

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