Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday is the day that makes me wish desperately for a publisher to come along and sweep me off my feet and say, "Your job for the rest of your life is to write books!"  My days off from my soulless cubicle hell are so nice because they're productive and creative and I don't dread sitting down with my book (except when I get to that part of the book) the way I dread having to come to work.

The last week was not as productive as I would have liked owing to my bestest friend in the world being in town with her absotively adorable baby boy.  I was also suckered into spending Saturday lifting heavy stuff for my parents who called and claimed they only needed help with one thing and that it would only take an hour.  It took six, and my back hurts.  

Logically I've only got about 5 or six chapters left.  Of course that doesn't necessarily mean that those won't turn into 6 or 10 but I'm still hopeful of being finished this month.  I really only have two more "events" until the conclusion of the book.  I'm a tad worried though because I had really wanted it to be about 80-90k words, but I'm on track to being closer to 130k to 140k.  Even if I cut 10% I'm still longer than I wanted to be.  Hopefully combining the first 5 chapters into just 2 will help )but somehow I doubt it lol.  

My ideas for the bones of the second book (working title of Jak & the Roosters of Ragnarok) are already set so I'll likely dive right into it.  I might take a few days to do a short story or two I've got rattling around in my head (I'd really love to finish my Zombie story), but I've got wonderful momentum now and I'm leery of losing it.  

I've also started thinking about how to put this book out there.  I'm still not sure if it's a book for adults, young adults or somewhere in between.  I mean, if you consider the word "douche" when used as an insult as inappropriate for the youngers, then my guess is it'll slant to adults, but I really think there's just so much wonder in it that everyone will like it.  I hope.  And it's a tad dark too.  I'm really behind this book, so I'm thinking I might be better off finding a Literary Agent.  I'll keep posting on how that works out.  I may be absent until I finish the book.  So until then.

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