Thursday, December 31, 2009

C-Ya 2009

I'm actually sad to see this year go.  I'm ending it still sick (pardon me for any deranged, Sudafed induced tangents) but unable to find one single thing that didn't go well this year.  I'm sure if I looked back at the individual posts, I'd find some moaning and complaining in there (probably more than I want to admit) but the big picture is golden, and that's pretty cool.

The biggest event in 2009 is the sale of my first book, The Deathday Letter.  Pretty much my entire world has revolved in some way around that.

But I also got to do a lot of other rad stuff.  I visited Chicago, I saw Amanda Palmer AND Neil Gaiman, I adopted my cute little dog Maxx.  I didn't come close to meeting my ambitious writing goals, but I did finish one book.  I felt a bit like a failure for stumbling through my second book process, but I learned some really invaluable lessons that will help me be stronger in the long run.

2010 is going to be even better, I believe.  My best friend is spending the winter down here, so I'll have her and her family around.  I adore them all, so that's a huge plus.  I'm also going to pick up my marathon training which was sidelined by my back and my cold (bubonic plague?), so that I can get back to the land of the healthy.

2010 is also going to see Deathday sent out into the world.  It's a scary cool idea.

There are goals I have, like still wanting to move to Colorado, finishing 2 books this year, and making some movement on my web series, but I know that as long as I stay focused and work my butt off, all good things will come.  That's not spiritual or religious or anything like that, it's just a prime truth.  Hard work and diligence will out.

There's one other goal I have to 2010, one that I hope to be able to talk about more in the coming months.  It involves my desire to become more involved in literacy and outreach.  But I'm in the super-early planning stages, so I don't want to say too much.

So goodbye to 2009 and hello to 2010.  Best wishes to you all.

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  1. What you wrote reminds me of one of Dave's favorite sayings: Luck is the residue of hard work.

    Best of both in 2010!


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